Friday, July 13, 2012

Where has this year gone???

It's already practically half way through July! What's going on?? It's been over a month since I last posted, so, here's some fun updates for you.

-My man moved home yesterday, we're hoping that he'll be able to find a full time job in that area soon after relocating.
-I'm moving at the end of this month, to Virginia! I have never lived there, so it sure will be an adventure.
-My family is all living west of me. Pretty much the other side of the country. I miss them. (California, Edmonton, and Colorado)

Okay, so those updates weren't that fun. Sorry about that. But, on the note of me moving to Virginia... I vaguely know where I will be moving to, so the first thing I did was find a church. I have actually found a couple possibilities.

1) Chester Christian Church - very similar (from what I have seen) to what I am used to. Similar to Chase Oaks and North Point, along with the church my man's family attends (I have been to it and love the pastor there) and the church PCCH.
2) New Venture Christian Church - a unique take on church. Their website is even "". From their website their beliefs are also similar to the churches I have been attending, so this will definitely be an interesting visit.
3) Destiny Church - my future-future father-in-law actually found this one, and I can't seem to find it online anywhere. I'll have to talk to him about finding it's website again so I can actually take a look at it. but if he recommends it, I'm sure it will be good (and similar to the churches I have been attending).

So from the little bit I have talked to my man, he is glad to be home and his family is glad that he is home too. I'm glad he's happy - now I just have to figure out what I am doing and get myself to where I need to go. Which will hopefully be soon...

Friday, June 1, 2012

Happy June!

So I've been pretty scatter-brained lately. I know I've been saying how my blog is going to have a "theme". Well, I've changed my mind-and this one I plan on sticking with. Me. Well, things that are going on with me. Specifically Bible verses that I'm reading, craft projects that I'm working on, stuff like that. I'm going to try and keep my focus on God and how he's impacint my life, but I love making things, and if I can show them off somewhere, I'm going to. So here it will be! Hope y'all don't mind this "new change".

I'll try to keep my posts a little shorter too, since I know from personal experience I'd rather not read super long posts. #SheReadsTruth launched their website today, here's a link! It's what's inspiring me to focus more on God and less on myself.

Tomorrow at small group we're talking about Spiritual Gifts... my top 3 are Giving, Craftsmanship, and Hospitality. Intriguing. I'll have to let y'all know what that means after our discussion tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What now?

One of my coworkers told me today that after this project is over, she is going to work for her family's business. (Yay for her!) I also found out that the project manager and superintendent may know where they are going for the next project... and if I were to go there too I would be at least 9.5 hours from my man's hometown, and roughly 19 hours from where he is now. No. No. I can't move there. I don't know what city it would be in, but it's not like that would make a difference based on the fact it would be 9+ hours from him. No. 

I don't want to keep doing this, I can't. I can't handle the distance any more. Breaking up is not an option. He is the reason I go to work every day. I only go to work because at the end of the day I'm one day closer to seeing him again, and I can take that money and put it into savings for future use, like moving expenses.

On our mini road trip to OK

Ugh. I wish I had a family business to go to... I wish this was easier. I wish we weren't long distance, I can't take it any more. We've only been LD for about 4 months, and I can't take it any more. 3 more months of this project, and then who knows where I'll be. He doesn't even know where he will be... I know I can't stress out too much about this, because it's all in His timing, right?

Recently it's become very clear to me that I have to practice patience. Things will get easier with more patience. Things will make more sense, and I have a feeling they will work out, if I am able to be more patient. So I'm trying. After listening to a recent series from NPCC, I've thought more about where I am. What I am doing, and what I want to be doing. My answer? I have no clue. I have no idea what I "should" be doing or even want to be doing. I guess all I can do right now is pray that God will help me find my way, and keep doing what I'm doing.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

IKEA project

So at the beginning of March, my mom was able to visit. I spent far too much money at IKEA, but it was worth it. No trip to IKEA is complete without an adventure in the as-is room, and I found a couple of doors that match my bookshelves/coffee table/entertainment center. They're not from the same "line", but they're the same wood type!

I'm probably not the first one to think of it, but my first thought was, "These would make awesome picture frames!!" There were a couple of them there, so I bought 3. 1 larger (the glass is about 13" x 13") and 2 smaller (the glass is about 4" x 13"). They all have the brown-black wood around the glass, about 4" wide or so. (I haven't done any real measurements, so these are all guesses.)

I was going to get a picture of my man & I printed for the large one and leave the smaller two empty, but I found some scrap material that I think I like almost as much. I had to buy picture frame hooks (about $2 at Walmart for a pack of 6) and the doors ($15 for the 3 of them). I already had the hooks to nail into the wall and the scrap fabric, so for $17 I think I did pretty well! I used IKEA picture hangers (the whole set is $4) that I had previously purchased. I put two picture frame hooks on the large door, it is kind of heavy and since I hung it over my bed I don't want it falling on me!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Changing it up a little.

Over the past several weeks Chase Oaks has taken a look at the life of David. We covered various passages from 1 and 2 Samuel, and a few from the book of Psalms. One of the first things that Jeff (our senior pastor) said about David was that even though he was a man of God, his life was not perfect. He had his ups and downs, just like the rest of us. Even David, the king of Israel, had times where he was as far from God as any human can be.

It got me thinking about mistakes I made in my own life, and helped me to remember that our God is forgiving. My mistakes are my own, but it helps to know that even when I am at a low point in my life, God is there to help me back up again. I love knowing that my Father is with me through everything. His love for his children is never ceasing. He is always with you. I know I forget that some times-so it's nice to be reminded of it.

I have to take a break from the norm here, reader. If you've been with me over the last several months, you've noticed that I've been doing recaps on the sermons I've been attending. I plan on continuing this, because it helps me recall what I learned in church that week/over the course of a few weeks. But I'm going to let you in on a little secret. I pulled out my sewing machine again. I made my "twin" a present for her baby shower that's on Saturday and I'm hooked again. So keep an eye out for more pictures, less words. One of my man's friends from high school is getting married in May, and I'm going to make myself a dress. (I'm gonna make him a tie that matches!) I found a dress pattern that I like, so now I need to start hunting for material and buy the pattern (either at JoAnns or order it online). I'm going to make a grey dress with a purple skinny bow belt, and hopefully find purple shoes! I'll make my man a tie that matches my belt. :) (I already asked him about it and he agreed to wear it.)

So, be on the lookout for some more crafty updates. I have some projects that I need to start/finish for things around the apartment, so I'll post those and possibly some tutorials.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Trust in the Lord with all your heart

Proverbs 3:5-6 says, "Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight."

I picked this verse for today because I know that I need to focus on this in the upcoming weeks/months. It's funny (or something) how things work out sometimes. My man moved to Atlanta in August to be with me. Which was fantastic until I moved to Dallas. I was able to go to Indy for his Great Banquet weekend at Connection Pointe at the end of February. From what what I could tell, he had a really good time and enjoyed his experience. I was able to pull off the surprise visit, which was nice. I also got to hang out with his family for a while, which is always a fun time.

We found out that Sunday evening that there might be something available for him in the Indy area (job wise). I can't say anything about it, partly because I don't know and partly because it's not officially available yet. So, as of right now, we don't know where I will be once this project is completed. My company still hasn't told me yet, and I'm not sure when they will know. We know that I am in Dallas (full-time now!), and he is in Atlanta (with awesome volunteer opportunity that he is taking advantage of, and a part time job). Other than that, we're just in a state of maybe's. It stinks, but it's the only option we've got right now. He's been talking with the maybe-job and they can't tell him anything because one of the guys is on vacation this week, but hopefully in the next couple of weeks they will be able to give him a better idea of what's going on.

So really, we know nothing more than we did before he went to his Great Banquet weekend. At this point, we're focusing on letting go and letting God. It will work out, and only He knows how. We put our faith in Him for a reason, and so we're praying that He guides us to a good place.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

With all I am, Lord, I will follow You

I'm going to go a little off my "norm" for posting. Today's update doesn't really follow a sermon. It's actually a combination of the two that I heard today, this morning at Chase Oaks and this evening at North Point. Chase Oaks started a new series this morning about David, titled "Messy Spirituality", and North Point started a series entitled "The Comparison Trap". On that note, I'll start with the fact that I have recently been struggling with something. It appears that a lot of girls in committed, serious, relationships seem to struggle with this as well (some guys, too, from what I gather). It seems as though my friends are all getting engaged or married. Some of them already have families, some multiple kids. So I continue to ask, "Why hasn't it been my turn yet? Why haven't I been able to find that happiness?" (But I have, more on that in a minute.)

My first thought is that I don't deserve that happiness, that some of the choices that I made in the past are detrimental to my present, and future, contentment. I think this because I was happy, but then work made me move away from my happiness. I'm struggling with the issues that come with all long-distance relationship. And let me tell you, you think it might get easier? It doesn't. I applaud those who do this regularly because of their situations, because I am here with you now, and it is not a fun place to be. I had convinced myself that I am destined to be in this state of limbo, not really knowing where I am. This morning during my time at Chase Oaks Jeff (the senior pastor) spoke about David. To sum up this morning's message: That thing that you think is keeping you from doing something great? That thing that you think is detrimental to God choosing you to do His work? It's exactly why He will choose you. God does not look at the things that man looks at, He only looks at the purity of our hearts. Those who are pure of heart will do great things, God will see to that.

Woah. Wait a minute there, Jeff. You mean that I will get to my place of happiness one day? Yea. That's exactly what it means. You mean that I will get to be just like the rest of my friends who are happily engaged/married/parents? Yep.

Well, that's a relief. But I'm still unhappy. I'm unhappy because Friend A is getting married late spring/early summer. Friend B is planning on proposing to his girlfriend this summer/early fall. Friend C is having her first baby this summer. Friend D just bought a house with his fiancee. Why can't I be there too? Why can't I have that kind of happiness? So I sink back down into my original state of unhappiness.

Fast forward to this evening (yes, folks, this all happened in one day. Most of my feelings have been building over the last couple of months, but every once in a while they get more extreme). I sit down to watch North Point, I miss being there at the main campus. I wish I could be, but I can watch on my TV now so I'll tune in every week in the evenings. Opening sequence plays and announces the new series: "The Comparison Trap."

Okay, really? Come on, God. Really?? Fine. I'll watch. I'll listen with an open heart. What is it You want me to hear?

There is no win in comparison. You can look to your left and to your right all you want, but you'll just be more unhappy with where you are. (Next week Andy will discuss the mirror we should be looking in. Who should we be looking at?) We live in the land of -er. We all want to be happy-er, strong-er, skinny-er, rich-er, etc. We are constantly comparing ourselves to others. (I just sat there on my couch, mouth gaping. After a few moments I had to just shake my head. I get it, Lord. Okay? I get it. I'll work on it. I have to start some where/some time. Show me how.)

It seems to me, that on a regular basis, God proves that He has a sense of humor. He puts these struggles into my life, and then He throws something like today at me. Thanks for that. I really appreciate it. (No really, I actually do.)

It's amazing how He does this to me. Have you ever felt that He was playing games with you? Sometimes it's frustrating, at least it is for me, but I know that He has a plan for me and that if I want to see where it's leading me I just need to relax and know that I am in good hands.

So remember these things: God does not look at the things that man looks at. He is only concerned with the purity of your heart. And there is no win in comparison.

Until next time, dear readers.

Romans 5: 6-8